DFAW #91: Macau Talk

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On episode 91 of the Atlantic City and Casino Biz Podcast, Kyle and Craig talk about some Atlantic City news, then turn the focus toward Hong Kong and Macau! Kyle is heading out for three nights in each city next week, so we talk about his plans.


Also, be sure to check out Craig’s appearance on Morano in the Morning from Sunday, January 27th.

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1 thought on “DFAW #91: Macau Talk

  1. Hunter


    Fun Macau discussion. A couple of notes, hopefully they are useful…

    On our first trip to Macau we did a hike up to the A-Ma Statue which is on a hill technically on Coloane overlooking Cotai. Great view, fairly easy hike (steep-ish but there’s a road). Second trip, I explored the Peninsula extensively on foot, specifically the area W/SW of the casino zone that’s full of amazing old Macanese/Portuguese architecture including the A-Ma Temple area which is one of the oldest things in Macau. Easy walk through cool old streets, lots of interesting stuff.

    Taipa Village is super interesting and very easy to get to from Galaxy on foot.

    You’re right, even the big hotel complexes don’t really have hotel-tower-branded casinos. Galaxy’s casino is one giant hall with separate junket areas, no sub-branded casino. Sands Cotai Central does have different casino areas but they’re not hotel branded there either.

    Don’t be worried about the language barrier. There’s tons of English all over Macau and Hong Kong. One exception was taxi drivers in Macau. That part was… hmmm.

    Good luck, have fun.

    – Hunter

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