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DFAW #63: Call it the “Low Roller”

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On episode 63 of the Atlantic City and Casino Biz Podcast, Kyle’s back but that doesn’t make Craig talk any less. Craig starts by going over his trip plans for next weekend, then there’s a ton of news to get through.

The good:

The bad:

And thanks to everyone who voted in our Best of 2017 Listeners Poll! We’ll announce the results soon.

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DFAW #62: Recapping ZorkFest with Cousin Vito

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On episode 62 of the Atlantic City and Casino Biz Podcast, Kyle’s not here so Craig awkwardly reads through the intro before providing a brief ZorkFest trip report. Then, Cousin Vito of Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast (and ZorkFest’s MC) joins the show to share his thoughts on the weekend and on Atlantic City in general, including:

  • Impressions of Borgata, Golden Nugget, Caesars, and Bally’s.
  • Jitney adventures.
  • Casino restrooms.
  • Lessons learned from ZorkFest.

You can hear more ZorkFest recaps on Cousin Vito’s Casino and Vegas Confessions, or read about it at Miles to Memories.

Also, don’t forget to vote in our Best of 2017 Listeners Poll!

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DFAW #61: Mid-Trip Report from Park Place and the Boardwalk

For episode 61 of the Atlantic City and Casino Biz Podcast, Craig and Kyle met in Atlantic City and recorded in a Bally’s Tower “Premium” room staring out at the Marina District and Absecon Bay. We talked about what we’d done so far, all the wings we were planning to eat, and what else was in store for the remainder of our trip. Plus:

In case you missed it, Craig talked AC and ZorkFest with Julian and Shane of Vegas Confessions. Give it a listen.

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“Best of 2017” Listeners Poll: Your favorites in Atlantic City

We want to know your favorite places to stay, eat, drink, and play in Atlantic City for our “Best of 2017” show! Let us know by filling out the Listeners Poll below.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll! Voting is now closed. We’ll announce our picks and the listeners’ choice winners on our “Best of 2017” episode in January.

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ZorkFest Preparation Playlist

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TravelZork ZorkFestWith ZorkFest just a couple days away and many people coming to Atlantic City for the first time (or first time in a long time), we wanted to help with your trip preparation while also doing some shameless self- and cross-promotion.

First, here’s a quick reading list if you find yourself cramming at the last minute and want to know what to expect:

  • The ZorkFest schedule. Know where to go and when to be there.
  • Our Best of 2016, which includes a rundown of our favorite places in AC. If you’re looking for recommendations about gambling, drinks, restuarants, etc., this is a good place to start.
  • Why I Love Winter in Atlantic City,” my blog post that will give you a brief overview of what to expect from our favorite shore town in December.
  • A brief history of Bally’s on TravelZork, if you’re interested in the history of the hotel hosting ZorkFest.

And if you have a long drive/flight/bus ride to AC, here’s a nearly 7-hour playlist of episodes relating to ZorkFest. I highly recommend the ones where I appear as a guest. Enjoy!

And if you still need more AC info and somehow have another 90 minutes to kill, here’s our Atlantic City Primer from October 12, 2017.

So that’s about enough stuff to fill every waking minute between this post going up and Friday’s welcome reception. See you in Atlantic City!

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Why I Love Winter in Atlantic City

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This article was first published on TravelZork on November 13, 2017.

My first Atlantic City trip was in January 2010, and even though the tables were as cold as the weather, I immediately fell in love with the city. Standing on the boardwalk on a quiet, chilly evening with the city’s famous rolling chair operators outnumbering pedestrians, I was struck by the sense that Atlantic City could have been built just for me. So when people ask why I love the city so much, I usually reply that I feel like it’s “mine,” especially in the winter.

I’ve always had trouble articulating what that means in a way that doesn’t come off as backhanded or equivocal — “I love how empty it is!” doesn’t sound great — so when Cousin Vito asked me to be on his podcast to discuss winter in Atlantic City leading up to the December 2nd ZorkFest, I relished the opportunity to lay out my case.

As a kid who loved going to Ocean City, Md., more for the boardwalk than the beach, and as an adult who loves going to Las Vegas and Atlantic City more for the casino vibe than the actual gambling, Atlantic City is tailor-made for my vacation time. And unlike other beach towns in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, the casinos bring enough people that the boardwalk doesn’t totally shut down in the winter. Sure, if you want to buy a beach umbrella you’re going to have fewer options, but many of the fudge shops, pizzerias, and t-shirt shops are still open for business, albeit with reduced hours.

Convenience is definitely a factor in my appreciation of the off-season. It’s nice to stroll the boardwalk without the crush of beachgoers, or pop into a casino knowing there won’t be a long wait for the best video poker machines or a spot at a $10 craps table. The lack of crowds also means low rollers get treated better. Restaurant reservations are easier to get, room upgrades are more freely handed out, and show tickets are more steeply discounted. I should probably be embarrassed to admit that I get excited every year for the first post-Labor Day casino mailers, which invariably advertise big drops in weekend room rates. For low-level players, that’s always the first hint that it’s time to start mashing refresh on your Total Rewards calendar in hopes of a comped Friday or Saturday stay. But focusing on the lack of crowds undermines the unique charm of the snow-covered beach, the casino floors decorated for the holidays, and the seasonal shows.

Atlantic City is a relaxing place any time of year but it takes on an even slower pace in the winter. When I went with my wife last December, we got an $84 Saturday night rate at Bally’s and successfully used the $20 sandwich to get upgraded to a newly renovated Jubilee room. After checking in we did some Christmas shopping at The Walk outlets, then headed to Borgata for an amazing dinner at Izakaya, where we had our pick of tables. To finish the night, we had free tickets through MyVegas for the Human Nature concert (normally in residency at The Venetian Las Vegas). It was a fantastic trip, and the cold didn’t slow us down a bit.

In fact, right before a prior trip with my wife it snowed enough that we both got off work and were able to get to AC earlier in the day than we would have otherwise. Looking down on the snow-covered beach and boardwalk from our room at Caesars was a treat, and the fire pit at The Continental restaurant in The Playground pier is even more inviting when there’s a dusting of snow on the ground. Enjoying a meal and a cocktail while looking down at the ocean and the boardwalk and the casinos lit up at night is a quintessential Atlantic City experience that I always recommend to first-time visitors.

If you love holiday decorations, AC doesn’t disappoint. Starting in mid-November, Tropicana goes all out with their light display in The Quarter and has more understated décor in the Palm Walk. It’s one of my favorite places to be between Thanksgiving and Christmas. And if you can brave the cold for seven minutes, Boardwalk Hall’s exterior is lit up with a winter-themed 3D light show every half hour. While the entertainment calendar thins a little in the offseason, holiday concerts and live performances join the usual weekend headliners and comedy shows. (Tip: Tropicana is very generous with comp tickets to their annual “Holiday Jubilee” stage show. Check your email if you’re a Trop Advantage member.) There’s still plenty to do when it’s too cold to lie out on the beach.

After my brother’s first Atlantic City trip last year, we swapped lengthy emails trying to put our finger on how Atlantic City can be so different than Vegas but still so enjoyable, and the main difference he noted is how laid-back Atlantic City is. That may be surprising for a casino town if you’re used to the Vegas Strip or Fremont Street, but it’s less surprising when you consider that Atlantic City is a beach resort originally conceptualized as a health retreat.


DFAW #60: Stupid, or Stupid Fun?

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On episode 60 of the Atlantic City and Casino Biz Podcast, Kyle’s back and there’s a ton of news to talk about! But first, are we making trip plans? Craig’s definitely going December 1st-2nd for TravelZork’s ZorkFest and Kyle’s hoping to fit in a day trip on the 1st. Then, so much news:

Also, while we weren’t recording for a few weeks, Craig appeared on Cousin Vito’s Casino podcast and wrote a guest post for TravelZork about why AC is awesome in the winter.

Like the podcast? Think there’s something we should discuss? Let us know in the comments, reach out to us on Twitter, post it in our Facebook group; or email us at dueforawin@gmail.com.

Episode info: [ 0:53:38 | 25.8 MB | download here ]

DFAW Mailbag Vol. 1: Low Rollers with $1 Billion to Invest in AC

For our 59th episode, we respond to listener questions a month or two after getting them! Hopefully they’re still relevant to the people who asked the questions. Topics include:

  • Issues with online hotel booking, especially comped or discounted rooms.
  • Property-specific comps within Total Rewards.
  • Definitions of high, mid, and low rollers, and where we fit.
  • Best “bang for the buck” for low rollers.
  • Kyle’s “Diamond in a day” story.
  • Updates on Revel/TEN (still closed), Atlantic Club (still closed) and Trump Plaza (still closed).
  • What we’d like to see improved, and what we’d do if we had Straubian amounts of money to invest in AC.

Note: Craig mistakenly claimed that Caesars placed a deed restriction on The Atlantic Club property but that’s not true. They put a restriction on Showboat.
Just kidding! Atlantic Club does have a deed restriction on it. Thanks to David W. in the Facebook group for clarifying.

Have questions you’d like us to answer in a future Mailbag episode? Reach out on Twitter, post in our Facebook group, or email dueforawin@gmail.com. Thanks to everyone who sent questions!

Episode info: [ 1:14:21 | 35.7 MB | download here ]

DFAW Special: An Atlantic City Primer

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In this very special episode of Due For A Win, we attempt to provide a primer of sorts for people who haven’t ever been to Atlantic City or haven’t been in a while. We start by saying we don’t like to compare AC to Las Vegas, then proceed to compare AC to Vegas for the next hour and a half. Included in this timeless gem:

  • A highly abridged and somewhat accurate history of Atlantic City.
  • The most comparable Vegas casino for each AC casino, which you’ll strongly disagree with.
  • A rundown of all the hotel towers so that you know what the heck you’re booking.
  • What you must do if you have one day in AC.
  • Some restaurant and bar recommendations.
  • Our new slogan for Atlantic City tourism…

If you’re thinking about checking out Atlantic City, this is a good episode to start with. If you go to AC often, you might have strong reactions. Either way, reach out on Twitter, post in our Facebook group, or email dueforawin@gmail.com.

Episode info: [ 1:30:10 | 43.3 MB | download here ]