A list of resort fees at each Atlantic City casino

If you’ve booked a room in Atlantic City, you are well aware that the price you see advertised is not the price you pay. Sometimes it’s not even close. Whether you’re redeeming a “comped” night that ends up costing $32 or booking two-night stay that balloons from a $300 advertised rate to more than $400 total, the fees and taxes are a frustrating element of booking rooms at casino hotels.

Borgata tax rates

When you book at Borgata’s website, you get a clear breakdown of what you’re paying on top of the room rate.

In Atlantic City, the hotel tax rate is a whopping 13.625%, and New Jersey tacks on a $3 occupancy fee and a $2 “tourism promotion” fee every night you stay. All of that is before you get hit with the resort fee, which is the hotel’s way of giving you a bundle of amenities at one low price keeping the advertised price low while increasing their Average Daily Rate.

To make matters more confusing, the resort fee and $2 tourism promotion fee are subject to the state tax while the $3 occupancy fee is not, and hotels differ on whether or not those taxes are included in the listed resort fee. Digesting all of that?

In the interest of clearing this up, below is a list of resort fees at Atlantic City casino hotels. The “Effective Fee” is a combination of the resort fee, taxes on that fee, the $3 state occupancy fee, and the $2 state tourism promotion fee (and any taxes on that fee). More simply, it’s the difference between the advertised rate (plus tax) and what you actually end up paying per night.

Atlantic City Resort Fee Comparison:

Hotel Resort Fee Tax Included? Effective Fee Confirmed:
Bally’s $23.71 NO $32.21 8/7/19
Borgata $15.00 NO $22.31 8/7/19
Caesars $23.71 NO $32.21 7/31/18
Golden Nugget $15.00 YES $20.00 1/10/19
Hard Rock $17.00 NO $24.58 8/7/19
Harrah’s Resort $23.71 NO $32.21 7/31/18
Ocean $23.00 NO $31.40* 6/10/19
Resorts $17.08 YES $22.08 8/7/19
Tropicana $17.00 NO $24.59 7/31/18

August 2019 update: Ocean’s resort fee went from $20 to $23, and Hard Rock’s went from $15 to $17.

*Thanks to Megan K. for sending a recent Ocean bill with full fee breakdown.

It’s worth noting that these fees are waived for elite status holders in many of the casinos’ players clubs. Thanks to Darryl McEwen, creator of Seven Stars Insider, for providing much of the following info:

  • Bally’s, Caesars, and Harrah’s: Resort fee waived for Total Rewards Diamond and Seven Stars cardholders. You will typically still be charged the $5 in state fees if you book online or through 1-800-CAESARS, but you can sometimes get it waived by booking through a host.
  • Borgata: Only rooms booked through a host can get the resort fee waived, regardless of M life Rewards tier level. You can use comp dollars to pay the resort fee.
  • Hard Rock: Resort fee not waived at any tier level. You can use comp dollars to pay the resort fee.
  • Ocean: Resort fee and state fees waived for Ocean Premier Black cardholders.
  • Resorts: Resort fee waived for Star Card Red Carpet cardholders. It’s unclear if this includes the $5 occupancy/tourism fee. You can use comp dollars to pay the resort fee but not the occupancy/tourism fee.
  • Tropicana: Resort fee waived for Trop Advantage Black cardholders. It’s unclear if the $5 in state fees are also waived. You can use comp dollars to pay the resort fee and state fees.

So keep these fees in mind next time you go to book an AC hotel. And remember that it could be worse — MGM just announced a resort fee increase at several Vegas properties, bringing post-tax fees to more than $51.

Also, if you stay somewhere and see that our information is out of date, let us know in the comments or email us at dueforawin@gmail.com.