DFAW #65: Best of 2017

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On episode 65 of the Atlantic City and Casino Biz Podcast, Kyle and Craig finally bring 2017 to a close (three weeks into 2018) with the highly anticipated and prestigious Due For A Win “Best of 2017” awards!  We go over listeners’ picks and our own choices in the following categories:

    • Best Hotel Rooms.
    • Best Casino Service.
    • Best Table Games.
    • Best Slots.
    • Most Fun Slot Machine.
    • Best Value for Low Rollers.
    • Best Player’s Club.
    • Stingiest Player’s Club.
    • Best Elite Status Lounge.
    • Best Casino Website/Booking.
    • Worst Casino Website/Booking.
    • Best Non-Casino Hotel.
    • Best Casino Property (overall).
    • Worst Casino Property (overall).
    • Most Improved Casino Property.
    • Best Restaurant (overall).
    • Best New Restaurant.
    • Best Restaurant for Cheap Eats.
    • Most Overrated/Disappointing Restaurant.
    • Best Breakfast.
    • Best Cocktails.
    • Best Bar.
    • Best Club.
    • Best Way to Kill Time When You’re Not Gambling.
    • Worst Way to Kill Time When You’re Not Gambling.
    • Best View.
    • Must-Do Thing for AC First-Timers.
    • Best Store to Get Something for Your Spouse Because You Won/Lost.
    • Best Event of 2017.
    • Biggest Disappointment of 2017.
    • Most Exciting Thing for 2018.

Thanks again to everyone who voted in the listeners poll!

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Episode info: [ 1:59:05 | 57.2 MB | download here ]

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