DFAW Mailbag Vol. 1: Low Rollers with $1 Billion to Invest in AC

For our 59th episode, we respond to listener questions a month or two after getting them! Hopefully they’re still relevant to the people who asked the questions. Topics include:

  • Issues with online hotel booking, especially comped or discounted rooms.
  • Property-specific comps within Total Rewards.
  • Definitions of high, mid, and low rollers, and where we fit.
  • Best “bang for the buck” for low rollers.
  • Kyle’s “Diamond in a day” story.
  • Updates on Revel/TEN (still closed), Atlantic Club (still closed) and Trump Plaza (still closed).
  • What we’d like to see improved, and what we’d do if we had Straubian amounts of money to invest in AC.

Note: Craig mistakenly claimed that Caesars placed a deed restriction on The Atlantic Club property but that’s not true. They put a restriction on Showboat.
Just kidding! Atlantic Club does have a deed restriction on it. Thanks to David W. in the Facebook group for clarifying.

Have questions you’d like us to answer in a future Mailbag episode? Reach out on Twitter, post in our Facebook group, or email dueforawin@gmail.com. Thanks to everyone who sent questions!

Episode info: [ 1:14:21 | 35.7 MB | download here ]

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