DFAW Special: An Atlantic City Primer

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In this very special episode of Due For A Win, we attempt to provide a primer of sorts for people who haven’t ever been to Atlantic City or haven’t been in a while. We start by saying we don’t like to compare AC to Las Vegas, then proceed to compare AC to Vegas for the next hour and a half. Included in this timeless gem:

  • A highly abridged and somewhat accurate history of Atlantic City.
  • The most comparable Vegas casino for each AC casino, which you’ll strongly disagree with.
  • A rundown of all the hotel towers so that you know what the heck you’re booking.
  • What you must do if you have one day in AC.
  • Some restaurant and bar recommendations.
  • Our new slogan for Atlantic City tourism…

If you’re thinking about checking out Atlantic City, this is a good episode to start with. If you go to AC often, you might have strong reactions. Either way, reach out on Twitter, post in our Facebook group, or email dueforawin@gmail.com.

Episode info: [ 1:30:10 | 43.3 MB | download here ]

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