A list of resort fees at each Atlantic City casino

7/5/17 Update: Tropicana no longer includes the state tax or $5 occupancy in their $15 resort fee, which brings the total to $22.08, matching Resorts.

5/9/17 Update: Resorts has increased their resort fee again from $13.67 to $17.08. Caesars has increased their fee to $23.71. With the $5 occupancy fee and new tax rate of 13.875% this should work out to $32 even but for some reason it shows up on online booking as $32.28. The table below is updated, and also reflects the new tax rate of 13.875% (down from 14%).

1/4/17 Update: Resorts has increased their resort fee from $10 to $13.67, but it includes the tax now so the increased cost to you is $2.27. The table below is updated.

11/11/16 Update: Borgata has increased their fee $5, so it is now $15 not including the $5 occupancy fee.

9/20/16 Update: Caesars Entertainment has increased the resort fees from $20 to $23.68 at its three properties (Caesars, Harrah’s, and Bally’s), meaning you will now pay $32.00 for a “comp” room. Also, Golden Nugget’s $10 resort fee no longer includes the $5 occupancy fee, and Tropicana has increased their fee from $12 to $15.

If you’ve booked a room in Atlantic City, you are well aware that the price you see advertised is not the price you pay. Sometimes it’s not even close. Whether it’s a “comped” night that ends up costing $32 or an already-expensive $300 Friday-through-Sunday stay that balloons to more than $390, the fees and taxes are a frustrating element of booking rooms at casino hotels.

Well, when you throw in $5 toward self-parking...

Well, when you throw in $5 toward self-parking…

In Atlantic City, the hotel tax rate is a whopping 13.875%, and New Jersey tacks on another $5 occupancy fee. (For comparison’s sake, Las Vegas has a hotel tax rate of 12% and no occupancy fee.) All of that is before you get hit with the resort fee, which is the hotel’s way of giving you a bundle of amenities at one low price keeping the advertised price low while increasing their Average Daily Rate.

To make matters more confusing, some AC properties include the $5 New Jersey occupancy fee in the resort fee while others keep them separate. Plus the resort fee is subject to the 13.875% tax while the occupancy fee is not, and hotels differ on whether or not the tax is included in the listed resort fee. Digesting all of that?

In the interest of clearing this up, below is a list of resort fees at Atlantic City casino hotels. The “Effective Fee” is a combination of the resort fee, taxes on that fee, and the occupancy fee.

Hotel Resort Fee $5 NJ Fee Included? Tax Included? Effective Fee
Bally’s $23.71 NO NO $32.28
Borgata $15 NO YES $20.00
Caesars $23.71 NO NO $32.28
Golden Nugget $10 NO YES $15.00
Harrah’s Resort $23.71 NO NO $32.28
Resorts $17.08 NO YES $22.08
Tropicana $15 NO NO $22.08
Trump Taj Mahal $15 YES YES $15.00

It’s important to note that these fees are waived for elite status players club members at many properties. Darryl McEwen, creator of Seven Stars Insider, provided the following info:

  • Caesars, Bally’s and Harrah’s: Resort fee waived for Total Rewards Diamond and Seven Stars cardholders. Note: You will sometimes be charged the $5 NJ occupancy/toursim fee. It seems it is more likely to be waived if you book through a host.
  • Borgata: Resort fee waived for My Borgata Rewards Titanium cardholders. Also, you can use comp dollars to pay the resort fee and the $5 occupancy/tourism fee.
  • Resorts: Resort fee and taxes waived for Star Card Red Carpet cardholders. It’s unclear if this includes the $5 occupancy/tourism fee. You can use comp dollars to pay the resort fee but not the occupancy/tourism fee.
  • Tropicana: Resort fee waived for Trop Advantage Black cardholders. It’s unclear if the $5 occupancy/tourism fee is also waived. You can use comp dollars to pay the resort fee and the occupancy/tourism fee.

So this is all worth keeping in mind next time you go to book an AC hotel (unless you have premium status in a player’s club that waives your resort fees, in which case you can ignore all of this). And it could be worse — Caesars just raised resort fees at many of their Las Vegas properties to $32 per night, which matches the fees at Wynn, Encore, Bellagio, Aria, Vdara, Venetian, and Palazzo.

TROPICANA TRAVEL SITE UPDATE: When we checked on 5/9/17, Tropicana was no longer charging hidden extra fees on third party booking sites. A $99.99 room through Expedia or Hotels.com totaled $128.87, which is the standard 13.875% tax plus their $15 resort fee. Yay!

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11 Responses to A list of resort fees at each Atlantic City casino

  1. Chris says:

    What about parking? I think I remember seeing somewhere that the Caesar’s fee includes a voucher for parking (which is otherwise $5). Is that actually the case? Do the others do that too or only some? I’ve also been told it’s $5 per day with in-and-out privileges (at Harrah’s) but once been charged $5 total for a multi-night stay and once been charged $5 per day. Do the other’s offer in-and-out privileges if staying overnight? Sorry for making this even more complicated.

    • Craig says:

      Hi Chris,

      I believe the Caesars Resort Fee gives you a $5 parking voucher, but weekend parking at Caesars properties is typically well above $5. However, you don’t have to gamble that much to earn a parking voucher no matter what the parking fee is (I think 15 Rewards Credits).

      I’m not clear on the how other casinos do that, or handle multiple-day parking. Last time I went I got one parking voucher at Caesars that covered my entire trip, since I didn’t move my car. That’s not terribly helpful, though.

      This would be a good topic for another blog post!

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  3. Rich says:

    Golden Nugget is now $15 (total) per night.

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  6. Matt says:

    The state sales tax rate actually dropped from 7% to 6.875% as of Jan 1 2017, and will go down again to 6.625%, it was done due to an increase in the 20 cent plus gas tax that went up in November.

    That means the combined sales (3.875% instead of 4%), AC Luxury and Hotel Occupancy Taxes are currently at 13.875% for 2017 and then it will be 13.625% for 2018.

    • Craig says:

      Thanks, Matt! This explains the funny numbers for Caesars and Resorts. I will have to double check the final fees and update the post.

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