Uhh … The Quad?

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The Pulse of Vegas blog is reporting that Imperial Palace will be rebranded as “The Quad” as part of the whole LINQ/High Roller center strip construction project. And since Pulse of Vegas is the official blog of Caesars Entertainment, I’m going to go ahead and say this is pretty reliable info. (Tip of a chip to vegaschatter.com.)

You know how I can tell that Pulse of Vegas is the official corporate blog of Caesars?

In a much-anticipated announcement, Caesars Entertainment (whose blog this is) has confirmed the popular, mid-Strip resort, the Imperial Palace, will soon be rebranded as “The Quad Resort and Casino.”

Ignoring their admirable transparency (which I bolded for emphasis), there are a couple of adjectives in there that no one would ever use to describe either IP or this announcement.

But anyways … The Quad, eh?

More from Pulse of Vegas:

“Basically, the concept of a “quad” brings to mind good times for many. A quad is a gathering place, a place to meet and make new friends.”

To me it brings to mind hacky sack and frisbees and college students who have no money to gamble with. Don’t get me wrong, I loved tossing the football around on the quad (we called it “the mall”) as much as anyone, but I would never associate that with gambling or having money. Then again, I wouldn’t necessarily associate the Imperial Palace casino with having money, either.

But more importantly, you know you have a problem when the artist’s rendering looks like shit:

Quad Exterior rendering

I can tell by the pixels…
(Image from Vegas Chatter, which says it is from Pulse of Vegas. To be fair, I can’t find it anywhere on PoV.)

Oh my, pig, what fancy lipstick you have there.

I really do hope the Linq/High Roller/Quad project goes well, but Caesars makes itself a hard company to root for sometimes, doesn’t it?

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