This is what happens when you’re due for a win that never comes

I strongly dislike slot parlors.

To be fair, I’ve never actually been to one. But I don’t like the idea that we’re moving closer and closer to a society where states offer gambling as a recreational activity that’s as readily available as bowling and miniature golf. I’m not sure everyone in the United States needs to live within a 30-mile radius of a casino.

But still, I have to admit that every now and again I’m tempted to take the subway over to Queens and hit up Resorts World, the somewhat new slot parlor near JFK airport that’s owned by Malaysian conglomerate Genting Group.

But then I read about it, and I’m reminded that slot parlors are terrible places.

Need proof? The New York Times reported that, in the first nine months of the racino’s existence, 41 people were arrested for getting pissed off and going all “HULK SMASH” on stingy slot machines.

That’s more than one per week!

The best part of the article is the quote from a Brooklyn man who was sentenced to 90 days in jail for duking it out with a one-armed bandit:

“I lost $300 without a bonus, so yes, I broke the machine. … And I’d do it again.”

After publishing the article, The Times then offered up an assignment to youngsters to “Draw the News,” I’m guessing in an effort to prove that you don’t learn anything in journalism school that you haven’t learned by the time you’re 6 years old.

The results are amazing. Be sure to read the descriptions.

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